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Romania Trade Deficit Rises

Romania Trade Deficit RisesRomania Trade Deficit Rises

The trade balance deficit in the period January 1—May 31 stood at €4.467 billion ($5.09 billion), €680.1 million higher than the one registered in the period January 1—May 31, 2016. The value of intra-community exchanges of goods (Intra-EU28) stood at €19.552 billion in shipping and €23 billion in inlets, representing 75.7% of the total exports and 76% of the total imports, the document reads. In the aforementioned period, exports and imports advanced 11.1% and 12%, respectively. According to the INS, the value of extra-community exchanges of goods in the period January—May 2017 stood at €6.259 billion in exports and €7.274 billion in imports, representing 24.3% of the total exports and 24% of the total imports.

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