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2.6m Portuguese at Risk of Poverty

2.6m Portuguese at Risk of Poverty2.6m Portuguese at Risk of Poverty

Almost 2.6 million people in Portugal were at risk of poverty or social exclusion in 2016, 1.5 percentage points less than in the previous year, despite an increase of €79 ($88.5) in monthly household income, according to figures published this week by the National Statistics Institute, PortugalNews reported. The figures were included in the Living Conditions and Income Survey conducted by INE, which identified 2,595 million people, including 487,000 under 18s and 468,000 over 65s, at risk of poverty and other problems resulting from it. Houses with uninhabitable rooms, with no bathroom, and with small, dark rooms are the living conditions affecting most families with children in the ‘at risk’ category.


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