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Japan Mulls US-Free TPP Deal

Japan Mulls  US-Free TPP Deal Japan Mulls  US-Free TPP Deal

Japan is ready to relaunch the Trans-Pacific Partnership minus the US in a shift of position that could bring the huge trade deal back from the dead. US President Donald Trump dumped it long ago. But that doesn’t mean the pan-Asian trade deal brokered by the Obama administration won’t happen: It just might happen without the US, reported. The TPP aims to connect 11 Pacific nations, challenging the supremacy of the China-centric Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership. Australia is pushing to keep the pact alive, though its viability isn’t clear. Japan says it’ll start talks on the trade deal next month, while expressing concerns that signing a bilateral agreement with the US could push Japan to import more American goods. The decision could be a huge boon to non-US food exporters such as Australia and change the dynamics for trade deals in Asia.


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