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Little Improvement in Japan Economy

Little Improvement in Japan EconomyLittle Improvement in Japan Economy

A new poll showed on Saturday that about 84.2 percent of Japanese feel little economic improvement in the country, brushing aside rhetorical pledge by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his economic policies dubbed “Abenomics.”

The latest survey by Japan’s Kyodo News on Friday and Saturday also showed the supporting rate for Abe’s cabinet declined to 43.6 percent, while its disapproval rate surpassed the support rate at 47.3 percent, Xinhua reported.

About 53.0 percent of respondents said they want to see a more balanced lower house after the upcoming election between the ruling and opposition parties.

However, as to which party they will cast their ballots to, about 28.0 percent showed their support to Abe’s Liberal Democratic Party, while 10.3 percent were in favor of the main opposition party the Democratic Party of Japan.

About 53.3 percent showed their opposition to Abe’s security policies, including reinterpreting the pacifist Constitution to allow Japan to exercise the right to collective self-defense, according to the poll.