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‘America First’ a Bitter Pill for Mexico

‘America First’ a Bitter Pill for Mexico‘America First’ a Bitter Pill for Mexico

The trade war has already begun. Anger is growing in Mexico, as is resistance to the new economic protectionist policy announced by US President Donald Trump, DW reported. “Trump’s motto has asserted an anti-Mexico rhetoric,” says Gunther Maihold, deputy director of the German Institute for International and Security Affairs. He says that “America first” is a bitter pill for Mexican nationals to swallow, and means huge costs for the country. Despite the state of shock, resistance is mounting against import duties for Mexican exports or even the US’ withdrawal from the free trade agreement NAFTA. Many construction firms, tourism companies and municipal administrations want to show a “symbol of national unity” and plan to boycott automobiles made in the USA. “We will no longer buy automobiles from Ford for our fleet,” announced the governor of the Mexican state of Campeche, Alejandro Moreno Cardenas, in the Mexican newspaper “El Universal.” That was his response to the withdrawal of the company’s planned investment in the country.


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