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Malaysia Economy on Strong Footing

Malaysia Economy on Strong FootingMalaysia Economy on Strong Footing

Malaysia’s economy looks well-poised for a recovery owing to reforms involving both the government and private sector, the country’s G25 movement said Saturday, Malayonline reported. The group which also includes former senior civil servants in its ranks expressed its hope that there will be more cheerful news next year about economic recovery to lift the mood of Malaysians. “With the various restructuring and transformation programs which have been introduced in the government, as well as in the corporate and financial sectors, the economy is on a strong footing for recovery as and when the global uncertainties fade away to revive business confidence around the world,” the G25 secretariat said in its new year’s message. The group highlighted Malaysia’s economic achievements, pointing out that Malaysia’s leaders had placed strong emphasis on the link between economic growth and national unity in its development plans every five years since the New Economic Policy was rolled out in 1971.


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