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Turks Get Richer Overnight

Turks Get Richer OvernightTurks Get Richer Overnight

Turkey’s 2015 GDP per capita has increased from $9,130 to 11,014 after the Turkish Statistics Institute revised how it calculated the figure, Anadolu Agency reported. Around 80 million Turks got a nearly 20% boost to their average standard of living on Dec. 12–on paper at least. TUIK said 2015 GDP stood at $861 billion, from $720 billion before the revision–adding $141 billion to the size of the economy virtually overnight. Per capita income was revised from $9,257 to $11,014, in line with the country’s bid to meet the standards of the European Union it aims to join. The country’s 2015 GDP was thus revised from more than 4% to 6.2%.

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