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MENA Region Hiring to Begin in 3 Months

MENA Region Hiring to Begin in 3 MonthsMENA Region Hiring to Begin in 3 Months

The recent Middle East Job Index survey, compiled by the Middle East’s leading job site,, and research and consulting group, YouGov, has revealed that the majority of employers across the Middle East and North Africa intend to hire soon, with 65% of those in the (Persian) Gulf Cooperation Council planning to hire in the next three months, Zawya reported. Notable increases in hiring expectancy were witnessed in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. In the next three months, more than two thirds of UAE employers (67%) are intending to hire, according to the survey. Private sector companies have the highest intention of hiring, with 70% of multinational companies, 69% of large local companies and 63% of small or medium-sized local companies, ‘definitely’ or ‘probably’ hiring. When it comes to hiring by industry in the MENA region over the next three months, organizations in the banking/ finance industry present the highest intention to hire (74%), followed by the hospitality/recreation/entertainment (73%) and the telecommunications industry (71%). On the other hand, government/civil service have the lowest intention to hire in the same period (58%).