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Russia Says Not Sensitive to Sanctions

Russia Says Not Sensitive to SanctionsRussia Says Not Sensitive to Sanctions

Russia has managed to adapt its economy and financial institutions to the aftermaths of western sanctions and that is why the problem of their prolongation is not so acute anymore, the speaker of the upper house of the Russian parliament, Valentina Matviyenko said on Thursday on the sidelines of a conference of parliament speakers from member-states of the Council of Europe.

“This issue isn’t so acute for us now because we’ve adapted ourselves to the new conditions in many ways,” she told reporters. “I mean both our economy and our financial institutions,” Tass reported.

“We don’t expect an early lifting of the sanctions, as we see the efforts to put brake on the growth of Russia’s influence in the world,” Matviyenko said. “In the first place, we’ll do everything in our power to assure our country’s successful social and economic development and a growth of affluence for our citizens.”

“The West is gradually developing awareness of irrationality of the policy based on sanctions,” she said. “There’s a whole group of countries that is actively speaking for the revocation of sanctions because the latter have inflicted huge damage on their economies.” The political coloring of the measures like sanctions is plainly obvious for everyone today, Matviyenko said, adding: “I hope a stage-by-stage pattern of revoking the sanctions will be launched. I’m confident common sense will raise the upper hand eventually.”