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Hanjin Collapse to Raise Freight Costs

Hanjin Collapse to Raise Freight CostsHanjin Collapse to Raise Freight Costs

The collapse of Hanjin Shipping will boost the cost to US businesses and consumers of a wide range of imported goods, from furniture and clothing to fresh fruit and frozen meat, according to federal agencies, shippers and retailers, Reuters reported. With Hanjin’s future in doubt, carriers have announced they will hike container freight rates by as much as 50% beginning next month as retailers scramble to secure shipping ahead of the peak year-end holiday season, industry sources said. United Parcel Service said on Thursday it is seeing a bump in demand for its freight services and is working with customers in Asia to shift goods from Hanjin containers to other ocean freight operators or air freight services. About $14 billion worth of cargo was stranded by the collapse of the seventh largest container carrier in the world. “Right now, there is much more (freight) demand than there is supply. People are scrambling to find a carrier with space,” said Peter Friedmann, executive director of the Agriculture Transportation Coalition shipping industry group.