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Sanctions Cripple Zimbabwe Economy

Sanctions Cripple Zimbabwe EconomySanctions Cripple Zimbabwe Economy

Zimbabwe’s ambassador to South Africa, Isaac Moyo, says Zimbabwe has been going through a difficult time in the last 15 years.

The economic challenges facing the country hit by drought and a drop in mineral prices have been compounded by the political tensions in Zimbabwe, SABC reported.

But, Moyo said, the country has suffered sanctions and this has crippled the economy.  And what is happening in the country now is as a result of the sanctions.

“The sanctions have affected people badly and the government has been working to rectify the situation with no help from anybody,” he said.

The sanctions were a result of the bold measures taken by government to address the land reform issues, he said. “Right now the government has put together an economic framework among other things to address the issues facing the country.”

“So the government is confident that through a series of interventions put in place, it will be able address the issues facing the country,” he said.

Zimbabwe’s economy is running out of cash. Its worst drought in decades is aggravating financial collapse. The ruling party is riven by infighting. And a marriage counselor turned social-media hero is mobilizing thousands of workers to paralyze the country.

These are just some of the challenges encircling President Robert Mugabe, at 92 years old the world’s oldest head of state.

He has cracked down on opponents, dialed up anti-western rhetoric and threatened anyone who steps out of line. This month, the government moved to increase surveillance of social media and cellphone operators and raised prices for mobile data following orders from the regulator. The army said it is on high alert for cyber-terrorism it says aims to destabilize the government.