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Poland Business Confidence Remains Positive

Poland Business Confidence Remains PositivePoland Business Confidence Remains Positive

The Central Statistical Office’s business climate indicators were almost all above zero in August, meaning that Polish firms are mostly optimistic about the current climate, PAP reported. A result greater than zero means that more firms in the sector have a positive view of the current and expected economic situation than those who have a negative view.  In manufacturing, 15.9% of surveyed firms had a positive view in August, while 11.2% had a negative view, giving a result of plus 4.7. This represents an increase on July’s plus 3.1. However firms in the construction sector were pessimistic, with a result of minus 3.3. This is a deterioration from July, when the sector had an indicator of minus 1.9. Both the wholesale trade and the retail trade sectors had positive indicators in August, which saw little change compared to July. Firms in the transport and storage sector were significantly more optimistic about the business climate than in July, with an indicator of plus 8.2 and plus 5.9 for August and July respective.