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Hungary CPI Drops Further

Hungary CPI Drops FurtherHungary CPI Drops Further

Following the trend of recent months, Hungary’s consumer price index was down by 0.3% on average in July, compared to the same month a year earlier, the Central Statistical Office said in a first release of data Tuesday, KSH reported. In the month of July, in year-on-year terms, consumers paid 0.2% more for food, within which the price of sugar increased by 25.1%, edible oil prices by 7.1%, and seasonal food items (potatoes, fresh vegetables and fruit) by 5.7%, while the prices of cheese and milk fell by 6.2%. Prices of services increased by 1.3%, clothing and footwear by 0.9%, and consumer durables by 0.2% on average, while consumers paid 4.9% less for other goods, within which motor fuels became 13% less expensive. Prices of electricity, gas and other fuels were reduced by 0.1%, the report added. Compared to the previous month, consumer prices were lower by 0.2% on average, while they increased by 0.1% on average in the January–July period compared to the corresponding period of 2015.