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Demand for Automation Rising in China

Demand for Automation Rising in China Demand for Automation Rising in China

With Beijing targeting automation as a key strategy to upgrade its manufacturing sector and reduce reliance on increasingly expensive labor, local governments are only too eager to respond to the central government’s clarion call, EJInsight reported. Guangdong, for instance, has been actively promoting automation and has set aside a fund to provide subsidies to eligible manufacturers. As more makers are tapping into the fund to automate their production process, demand for qualified staff to maintain and constantly upgrade the automation facilities is also gaining momentum. Robotics engineers, automation design engineers and automation project managers have become some of most sought after talents in key manufacturing hubs like Dongguan, according to the Hong Kong Trade Development Council. Candidates with experience in integrated automation systems and project design can expect a monthly salary of about 10,000 yuan ($1,500). Manager-level positions can offer up to 20,000 yuan. Automation is feared to take away jobs from humans across numerous fields, but automation systems need humans, too.