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Deutsche Bank Future in Doubt

Deutsche Bank Future  in DoubtDeutsche Bank Future  in Doubt

Ahead of the European Banking Association’s stress tests, Deutsche Bank’s future seems shakier than ever. Some would even call Germany’s most important bank “dangerous”, DW reported. With a record loss in the last year, rock-bottom share prices, every fourth branch shut down, and rumors of a split, the Deutsche Bank is more “zombie than champion”, according to The Economist. As if that weren’t bad enough, the International Monetary Fund labeled the bank the most dangerous bank in the world, because of all the systemic risk it brought to the international banking system—more than HSBC. “Whether the German Bank is more dangerous than competitors like Goldman Sachs, HSBC, Morgan Stanley or Barclays, that’s hard to say,” said Martin Hellmich, a professor for risk management at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. Deutsche Bank’s balance sheet shows it has less capital than its competitors, he said.