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Cardless ATM Withdrawal

Cardless ATM WithdrawalCardless ATM Withdrawal

Getting cash out of an ATM could be getting a bit easier. Finance technology company Fidelity Information Services and ATM provider Payment Alliance International have announced that they will be bringing Touch ID to 70,000 ATMs across the United States, Yahoo Finance reported. The partnership will allow customers to use the FIS Cardless Cash app on select PIA machines. The system currently allows customers to make a withdrawal from their phone through the app by making a withdrawal online, using a Quick Response code to retrieve their reserved cash. This new partnership will allow customers to authenticate themselves with Touch ID to confirm the withdrawal and retrieve their money. The two companies didn’t release a timeline for when these upgrades would be rolled out, but they join a growing number of banks that have begun to utilize mobile phones in their processes. Earlier this year, JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America, and Wells Fargo announced that they would be making their ATMs Apple Pay-Compatible in the coming years.