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US Companies Aim to Benefit From ‘Brexit’

US Companies Aim to Benefit From ‘Brexit’US Companies Aim to Benefit From ‘Brexit’

While the United Kingdom has not yet recovered from the results of the referendum on Brexit, US companies are already planning to release products using the term “Brexit” as their logo.

For instance, a Boston company applied for permission to trademark the word “Brexit” as the name on one of their products. “We are not sure exactly how we would use the name yet,” a representative of the company said, Sputnik reported.

Other US companies also want to register the term as a trademark for certain products, such as clothes and food. Thus, US company from Colorado Quicksilver Scientific plans to use the name “Brexit” for its food additive.

Brexit refers to the recent decision of UK residents to withdraw from the European Union. The referendum was held in the United Kingdom on June 23, in which 51.9% of voters supported the country’s exit from the EU.

Following the referendum, the term Brexit became popular not only among entrepreneurs, but also among ordinary people.

For instance, Andy Rutherford from Wales decided to change his dog’s name to “Brexit”.

Britain’s decision on withdrawal from the EU also raised curiosity about how similar processes could be potentially called if they would take place in other EU countries.

Internet users came up with Frexit, Nexit, Swexit, Auxit and etc. referring to potential withdrawals of France, the Netherlands, Sweden and Austria, respectively.