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Scotland Wants to Stay in EU

Scotland Wants to  Stay in EUScotland Wants to  Stay in EU

Scotland’s first minister has said her administration will do whatever it takes to remain in the EU, including potentially blocking the legal process behind Britain’s exit from the bloc. Scots voted to remain in the EU, DW reported. “What’s going to happen with the UK is that there are going to be deeply damaging and painful consequences ... (of Britain leaving the EU) I want to try and protect Scotland from that,” Nicola Sturgeon said Sunday. Asked whether she would consider requesting the Scottish parliament to block its consent for the move, she told the BBC: “Of course”. “If the Scottish parliament was judging this on the basis of what’s right for Scotland, then the option of saying that we’re not going to vote for something that is against Scotland’s interest, of course that’s going to be on the table,” she said. It was “highly likely” that Scotland would seek a second referendum on independence from Britain because the results were at odds with the wishes of Scottish voters, she added.