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China’s FDI Inflows Down

China’s FDI Inflows DownChina’s FDI Inflows Down

 Foreign direct investment into the Chinese mainland fell 1% year on year to $8.9 billion in May, the Ministry of Commerce said Sunday, Xinhua reported. This compared with a 6% increase registered in April. For the first five months, FDI, which excludes investment in the financial sector, rose 3.8% year on year to $54.2 billion, with the growth decelerating from the 4.8% registered in the January-April period, the ministry said. The service sector attracted $38.2 billion of FDI in the five months, 70.4% of the total and 7% higher than the same period last year. FDI into the manufacturing sector declined 3.2% during the period to $15.5 billion, accounting for 28.8% of the total.