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Brexit Would Impact Danish Growth

Brexit Would Impact Danish GrowthBrexit Would Impact Danish Growth

Denmark’s Finance Minister Claus Hjort Frederiksen said he was concerned about the consequences for the Danish economy if Britons vote to leave the 28-strong bloc on June 23.

He added Britain’s call for freedom from Brussels would see the unemployment rate spike in the Scandinavian country, news outlets reported.

Frederiksen said: “It is something that concerns everyone in Europe, what happens if the vote is no on June 23.

“We have tried to make some assessments regarding what [a Brexit] would mean for Denmark.

“All the numbers show it will affect Danish economy. It also depends how big of an impact a no vote would have on the European economy in general.

“But it is inevitable that it will have consequences for the Danish economy if the English decide to opt out.”

He also slammed the insecurity caused by the impending referendum, claiming if Britain leaves the EU it will cause a domino effect on trade.

In February Danish PM Lars Lokke Rasmussen said he would help David Cameron and his government keep Britain in the turmoil bloc.

He said: “Denmark will work hard to ensure results which can help the British government win the referendum and remain a key member of the European Union.”

The pro-EU warning comes as ex-NATO’s chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen, who is also former prime minister of Denmark, claimed a Brexit would topple the 28-nation club and would leave the continent dangerously fragmented.

He said: “Great Britain plays a crucial role in the balance of the EU. It is a strong voice for reform. Economic and security policy means much to the country, so if they leave the EU, it will all be lost and you will see a very introverted Europe.”

In a bid to help the Remain campaign, Rasmussen also said an out vote could also plunge the continent back into a time before the Second World War.