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Afghan Gov’t Lacks Direction

Afghan Gov’t Lacks Direction Afghan Gov’t Lacks Direction

The High Economic Council of Afghanistan has expressed its support from domestic industries in Afghanistan at a time when, according to economic experts and industrialists, Afghanistan is facing economic stagnation.

Lecturer of faculty of economy of Kabul University, Saifuddin Saihoon said that, to date, the government of Afghanistan has no clear program for the growth of the economy. As a result, the country is facing the danger of economic stagnation, Yahoo reported.

Saihoon added that economic crisis on one side and unemployment on the other, threaten investors in the country and asked the government to focus its attention in the connection.

Government support for domestic industrialists is among the basic points that causes the growth of economy in the country, Saihoon told The Kabul Times.

He believes that those industrialists who have small and large factories inside Afghanistan have the right to be supported by government and be provided with better working conditions and not the conditions that worsen with every passing day.

“Unfortunately, so far, the industrialists have no support from the government and thus cannot flourish,” Saihoon said.

According to economic analyst, Abbas Zamani, the new procedure approved recently by HECA in regard with the tariff supporting domestic industries, is effective in the growth of economic products. He adds that with the approval and execution of this procedure, the problems of industrialists would be reduced to some extent, as it is a good opportunity for improving labor conditions in domestic industries.

At the same time, deputy minister of the chamber of commerce and industry, Khanjan Alokozy, said that the ministry welcomes the decision by HECA and approval of this procedure would be an effective step towards self-sufficiency and improving domestic industry.

Emphasizing the point, Alokozy said given the economic stagnation, ratification of such procedure is an effective measure vis-à-vis investment in Afghanistan. He said that the government should facilitate grounds for investment, strive to address problems faced by investors and maintain the security of merchants and investors.