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EU Referendum Campaign Begins

EU Referendum Campaign Begins  EU Referendum Campaign Begins

Campaigning for Britain’s European Union referendum has officially begun—though Britons could be forgiven for thinking it has been going on for months, AP reported. Friday marks the start of the official 10-week campaign ahead of a June 23 vote on whether to leave the 28-nation bloc. Unofficial campaigning has been going on since Prime Minister David Cameron secured an agreement on revised EU membership terms for Britain in February. He says that deal means the UK should stay in. During the official campaign period, the groups Britain Stronger in Europe and Vote Leave will each get free TV ad slots, receive some public funding and be able to spend up to £7 million ($10 million) of their own money. Lord Darling, who was Labor chancellor from 2007 to 2010, said a vote to leave the EU would be final and would signal the UK was “in retreat” and choosing “isolation rather than influence”. The economic benefits of EU membership could not be ignored, he said.