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Indonesians to Gain From Tax Amnesty

Indonesians to Gain From Tax AmnestyIndonesians to Gain From Tax Amnesty

Chairman of Commission XI of Indonesia’s House of Representatives overseeing financial affairs, Ahmadi Noor Supit, on Saturday said that if the bill on tax amnesty is passed, it will bring many economic advantages.

He added that both the government and the people of Indonesia who keep their assets abroad, will benefit, NewsNow reported.

Ahmadi went on to say that the benefits include increased foreign exchange and the government can know exactly the incomes that Indonesians will get so that the government can get accurate tax data.

“Indonesian nationals who bring their money to the country will receive interest,” he added.

Ahmadi hopes that Indonesian citizens who are currently keeping their assets abroad can also invest in various fields, such as infrastructure.

In the meantime, DPR Speaker Ade Komaruddin said that he wants to accelerate the process of deliberating and passing the bill. Ade also said that the tax amnesty bill is a priority.

Regarding the possibilities that a number of fractions which do not agree with the bill, Ade said that it cannot be concluded yet.

Meanwhile, Indonesian Industry Minister Saleh Husin believes that Indonesia is able to become an automotive hub of the world.

He said that Indonesia should not only become a marketing country but should also become a producer of cars and motorcycles that is export-oriented.

Saleh asked automotive companies to build more machine and component factories, instead of just building assembly plants.

Based on the data from the industry ministry, the selling volume of cars in 2015 reached 1.1 million units and the figure is expected to rise as the national economy improves.