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French PM Pushing for Labor Reform

French PM Pushing for Labor ReformFrench PM Pushing for Labor Reform

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said Sunday he would push ahead with a controversial labor reform bill, but promised “improvements” to the proposed text after meetings with union and business leaders, RFI reported. Unveiled in mid-February and greeted with howls of protest from trade unions, the plans would make it easier for companies to lay off workers. “We have to improve and complete this draft law. But what we cannot do is maintain the status quo,” Valls said in an interview with the weekly newspaper Journal du Dimanche. “(We) cannot stand still even for a second. This labor law means more transparency for businesses and more protection for employees,” he said. The prime minister will meet with business and union heads from Monday, while a number of organizations have called strikes for Wednesday and demonstrations later in the month to protest against the plans. Valls faces strong opposition from the left wing of his own Socialist Party, while seven in 10 French are opposed to the changes, according to a poll.