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Lanka Targets 7% Growth

Lanka Targets 7% GrowthLanka Targets 7% Growth

The Governor of Central Bank Arjuna Mahendran has said that Sri Lanka’s economic growth is running above 5% and needs to achieve a 7% economic growth by the end of this year with foreign investments, NewsNow reported. Speaking at a media briefing on the state of the economy at the central bank, the governor said economic growth would continue to be a priority and the bank’s monetary policy aims to support the economic growth. He said Sri Lanka is having discussions with China on obtaining more credit facilities. He had met with key officials of the China Exim Bank and they are keen to lend more money to Sri Lanka, Mahendran added. Sri Lanka will also look at attracting additional foreign direct investments from China and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe would also hold discussions in this regard.