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1m Stolen Bank Cards for Sale

1m Stolen Bank Cards for Sale 1m Stolen Bank Cards for Sale

Banking details stolen from more than a million people worldwide can be bought from a website on the open internet, rather than on the “dark web”, for as little as £1.67 ($2.42). Criminals are selling the stolen credit and debit card details of 100,000 Britons on the internet in new market said to be “the largest and most brazen of its kind”, The Telegraph reported. The website contains private information stolen from a former senior adviser to the queen as well as from lawyers, bankers, doctors and other professionals. According to an investigation by The Times the site, called, appears to have been operating openly since at least June last year. This suggests it has either flown under the radar of law enforcement agencies across the world or they have not been able to shut it down. The revelations will raise new fears that police are losing the fight against online fraud, which is estimated to cost Britain’s economy at least £27 billion a year.