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Greeks Pessimistic

Greeks PessimisticGreeks Pessimistic

Most Greek citizens are pessimistic and anxious about their country’s economic situation in 2016, a poll showed on Saturday. Up to 81.4% of the respondents said they were pessimistic about the country’s course in 2016, Xinhua cited an opinion poll as saying. In addition, 63% of the participants in the survey, which was conducted by polling firm MRB, expected the Greek economic situation to get worse, while 51% of them predicted a year of decline for their own households. In contrast, only about 30% of the respondents showed positive sentiments, like hope, confidence, pride and certainty, in the survey.  As to the Greek debt crisis that has blighted the country and the eurozone for several years, 42.8% and 32.4% of those surveyed expressed anxiety and anger respectively, said the poll. The election last January, which brought Alexis Tsipras and his leftwing Syriza party to power, added further friction between Greece and the rest of the eurozone. Tsipras vowed to undo austerity—a promise he could not deliver on his own.