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Hungary Not at Risk

Hungary  Not at RiskHungary  Not at Risk

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development has said that there is no risk in connection with Hungary as far as the bank is concerned, Hungarian news agency MTI reported. The bank has so far invested €2.7 billion in 170 projects in the country, Antal Nikoletti, member of the board representing Hungary at the London-based credit institution, noted. EBRD investments in Hungary are expected to focus on energy, energy security, infrastructure, and innovation, he said. The bank and Hungarian government maintain good relations, he added. Hungarian economic growth is “among the highest in the European Union”, he said, adding that “financial stability in the country has strengthened significantly”. Such “Hungarian advantages” are prized by the EBRD, which is gradually becoming a global financial institution, he said. Recently the bank’s deputy chairperson, Betsy Nelson, visited Hungary and met Economy Minister Mihaly Varga. The most important subject of their discussions was what kind of investment opportunities lay in store in Hungary for the EBRD, Nikoletti said. The bank expects Hungarian economic output will grow by 2.9% this year.