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EU Pushes for Circular Economy

EU Pushes for Circular EconomyEU Pushes for Circular Economy

The European Union has embarked on an ambitious €11 million ($11.95 million) research project, Resyntex that aims to produce secondary raw materials from textile waste, Yahoo reported. The project’s objective is to create a new circular economy concept for the textile and chemical industries through industrial symbiosis, members of the executive board said after their first meeting in Bled, Slovenia. Resyntex joins the ranks of projects focusing on textile recycling innovations. It is led by Germany’s Soex Group, which is active in high quality collection, sorting and processing of used textiles at the global level. “With Resyntex, we want to develop and demonstrate a new strategic design for textile recycling throughout a complete value chain. The focus is on reprocessing blends and pure components of unwearable textile,” said Pailak Mzikian, Head of Recycling and Sustainability at Soex Group said. The project is being coordinated by the Institute for Environmental Protection and Sensors. It is divided into ten work packages, each of which focuses on a specific goal.