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Global Warming Causes More Economic Disasters

Global Warming Causes More Economic DisastersGlobal Warming Causes More Economic Disasters

Global warming is said to be causing more natural disasters than any other factor and also causes more economic disaster.

Scientists from Stanford University and University of California Berkeley recently published a study in the journal Nature. They concluded that an economic disaster may happen in this century due to the global warming the Earth is currently experiencing, Fortune reported.

Researchers said that the economy can only function up to a certain temperature, 13 degrees Celsius or 55 degrees Fahrenheit, which is also known as the Goldilocks temperature. This temperature is just the right temperature and anything above or below this, will hinder economic growth.

The economic disaster conclusion is the result of a 50 year-worth of data, from 1960 through 2010, highlighting the relationship between the economy and the temperature.  The study was released ahead of the climate change conference by the UN, which is scheduled to open in Paris before the year ends.

Based on the study, scientists firmly believed that an economy can lose 1% of GDP per 7 degrees Fahrenheit increase in the temperature. However, this is only a projection and not happening yet.  It is estimated that it will not happen until the year 2100. It is also stated in the findings that the fluctuating temperature, in the same way, may also affect an economy.

The global warming study will hopefully reach the world leaders and help them take the necessary actions to lessen the carbon emissions that are causing global warming. It is said that the world will be 23% poorer because of climate change.