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3GF, Green Leaders, Challenges and Opportunities

3GF, Green Leaders,  Challenges and Opportunities3GF, Green Leaders,  Challenges and Opportunities

The fourth Global Green Growth Forum (3GF) convening a select high-level group of 250-300 green growth leaders and decision-makers will take place on October 20-21, 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Participation is by personal invitation by the Prime Minister of Denmark Helle Thorning-Schmidt, 3GF reported Sunday.

The high-level leaders attending 3GF2014 from governments, cities and regions, business, finance, civil society and international organizations increasingly recognize that in order to grow our economy and go green at the same time you have to address the fundamental questions of ‘how we will live our lives, where we will live and what we will live from?’

These leaders, who come to 3GF from developing, emerging and developed economies, will be driving forward concrete solutions that can contribute to countering the current unsustainable pressure on our planet’s resources – and they will inspire each other to turn the huge challenges we face into opportunities for green growth.

The summit participants will be introduced to the future middle class consumer. Leaders will reflect on how to ensure that billions of middle class consumers in 2030 can live prosperous lives without compromising the opportunities for future generations, how they envisage the future consumers’ lifestyle aspirations and how the power of brands and governments can influence future consumer trends and societal norms in all regions of the world.

 Consumption Patterns

They will share promising and successful examples of creating demand for sustainable goods and services that could be scaled up. And they will zoom in on the framework conditions that governments, business, finance, civil society organizations and international organizations will need to bring forward in partnerships to transform our consumption patterns.

In “plenary sessions” participants will examine global trends and big picture issues within key areas such as the mind-set and lifestyle of the future middle class consumer, sustainable production, cities, food, energy and economic growth paths.

These overall themes are taken to the concrete level in the “partnership sessions” where a number of concrete partnerships between public and private actors will be launched or leveraged – all with the aim to accelerate concrete scalable green growth solutions. A number of “pre-launch” sessions represent the “ideas laboratory” of the Forum where concepts and ideas are exchanged – perhaps laying the foundation for new partnerships. In the smaller, more intimate “In-Conversations” participants get a unique opportunity to engage directly in dialogue with a high-level business or political leader and in the “learning sessions” focus is on a select group of countries. All in all there are 34 different sessions taking place at 3GF2014.