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Spain’s CCI Rises

Spain’s CCI Rises Spain’s CCI Rises

Spain’s consumer confidence rose by 0.2% from August to September to a total of 106.1 points, indicating a positive perception of Spain’s economic situation, according to data unveiled Monday by the Sociological Research Center, Xinhua reported. The rise was due to an increase in the indicator of people’s expectations about the future that rose by 1.2 points to 114.9 points. Spaniards have more optimistic opinions about the situation in households and employment, the CIS said. On the other hand, the indicator of the current situation fell by 1 point to 97.2 points, especially due to more pessimistic opinions about the country’s labor market. However, Spaniards are more optimistic about the situation in households and the economic situation in general. The Consumer Confidence Indicator ranges between 0 and 200 points, with ratings over 100 points considered as positive perceptions of the economic situation and ratings below that figure indicating a negative perception. The CCI has surpassed the 100 points seven times in a row and on a year-on-year basis.