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Instability Troubling Romanian Auto Market

 Instability Troubling Romanian Auto Market Instability Troubling Romanian Auto Market

In developed auto markets in western Europe, car sales vary little from year to year, while during the 12 months certain peak periods can be anticipated with clarity, according to the latest analysis.

In Romania, however, the predictability is reduced, and the months of the year which are traditionally excellent in external markets for car registrations are extremely poor for our country, Business Review reported.

“Car sales are closely related to the economic context of a country and their evolution clearly show whether or not the population has confidence in the national economy. It is obvious that Romanians carefully analyze periods in which to buy cars and wait especially for the implementation of national programs to benefit from significant reductions in new cars’ prices,” says Cristina Gheorghitoiu, general manager of Naspers Classifieds Romania.

Taking into account data from recent years, annual seasonality variations are small when it comes to new cars in the European Union. February is generally the weakest month, while March,  June and August are the best months in terms of sales.

In Romania, in recent years, the best months for sales of new cars were those following the Rabla scrappage program, while the first part of the year is dominated by a feeling of expectation. The best months are usually May, June and August in the Romanian auto market.

In the category of second-hand imported cars, the final months of the year were top for the number of registrations, especially in October and December, while July was a good month during the last three years. In contrast, January and February were weaker months for the auto market, followed by April.