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India Outperforms Peers

India Outperforms PeersIndia Outperforms Peers

India outperformed its economic peers in the Central and Southern Asian Region and positioned itself as innovation achiever in the lower-middle income category, Indiainfoline reported. Overall, India ranked 81st in the Global Innovation Index 2015, published by Cornell University, INSEAD France, and World Intellectual Property Organization in London on Thursday. The study ranked 141 economies across the world on their innovation capacity and efficiency. “The GII underlines the steady outperformance of India on innovation relative to its level of development”, says Chandrajit Banerjee, Director General of CII. “We applaud the new innovation policies put in place by the new Indian government, which are not yet effectively captured by the data used in the GII. Some of these measures have already had a positive impact on the build-up of innovation momentum and entrepreneurial mood in the country, and we expect this trend to grow in the coming months and years.”