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Carbon Storage Scheme

Carbon  Storage  SchemeCarbon  Storage  Scheme

The British government said Monday it was ready to sign off on a North Sea carbon capture and storage program for a Scottish power station, UPI reported. Royal Dutch Shell is proposing, with strategic assistance from British energy company SEE, to capture the carbon dioxide emitted from an Aberdeen power station and store it in the Goldeneye reservoir in the North Sea. The British Geological Survey conducted an external review of Shell’s Peterhead carbon capture and storage project and found it suitable for storing up to 20 million tons of injected carbon dioxide, a potent greenhouse gas. “The plan is to store ten to fifteen million tons of CO2 over a 10- to 15-year period commencing around 2020, but the site is being qualified for 20 million tons of storage to allow for potential extension of the injection period,” BGS said in its review. “Storage will utilize the depleted Golden eye gas condensate field with the Captain Sandstone reservoir as the primary storage container.”