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EC Wants Transparency in TTIP Deal

EC Wants Transparency  in TTIP DealEC Wants Transparency  in TTIP Deal

Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership’s stated goal is to ease the flow of goods and services across the Atlantic. The pact seeks to create the world’s largest free trade zone, encompassing over 60% of global production, Sputnik reported. Anti-TTIP activists have repeatedly pointed to the fact that the EU-US free trade deal has been negotiated in exceptional secrecy, raising concerns that the agreement could benefit multinational corporations and corporate rights-holders at the expense of sovereign nations and consumers. “I’m in favor of the TTIP treaty, but I’m not in favor of giving up European standards or principles. These negotiations with the United States, I’m in favor of maximum transparency… and negotiations have to be conducted in a serious way,” European Commission president  Jean-Claude Juncker said during his State of the European Union address before the European Parliament.