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Malaysia  Spin StoriesMalaysia  Spin Stories

Economic sabotage is being used as a very powerful weapon to attack Malaysia and undermine the credibility of the government, Communications and Multimedia Minister, Dr Salleh Said Keruak said Tuesday, Malaymail online reported. Western media consultants are being paid to spin stories about alleged corrupt acts committed by Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak and that Malaysia’s economy was on the verge of bankruptcy. “This is not only mischievous but treasonous as well. Economic sabotage, especially one that is engineered and financed by Malaysians, is without a doubt an act of treason,” Salleh wrote in his blog. He added that these traitors must be exposed and appropriate action be taken against them. “To strengthen this allegation, there are even efforts to attack the ringgit to ‘prove’ that the world has totally lost confidence in Malaysia. “The picture being presented is that a lower ringgit means that Malaysia is headed for doom. They even say that Malaysia is among those regarded as ‘failed states’,” Salleh said.