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Russia to Show Economy Potential at EAEF

Russia to Show Economy Potential at EAEFRussia to Show Economy Potential at EAEF

Russia will demonstrate the potential of the industry, finance and energy sectors at the Euro Asia Economic Forum, Vice Mayor of Xi’an [Central China] Li Jing told TASS on Wednesday. “EAEF will be an important floor this year, where a range of activities will take place under the auspices of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Being one of key members in the organization, Russia will predominantly take part in forum events dedicated to the finance sphere,” the vice mayor said. “We expect a large delegation from the Russian Finance Ministry in view of that reason. Russian colleagues will hold a series of presentations about the Russia’s investment climate. Presentations on advantages of the national industry and energy sector are also planned. The primary goal of these activities is to provide businessmen from Eurasian nations and China with better perception of advantages of the Russian economy,” Li Jing said. The EAEF is planned to be held in September 2015.