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Asian Millennials Will Rule

Asian Millennials  Will RuleAsian Millennials  Will Rule

Asian millennials have loftier career ambitions than their global counterparts, and they’re more willing to leave home for work than their predecessors. So they’re all set for success, employment experts say, if only they can temper some that desire to climb the corporate ladder, AsiaOne reported. In a January poll by Deloitte, 65% of Asian employees born after 1982 responded that they aimed to become the highest-ranked person at their current firm, compared to 45% of North Americans and 37% of western Europeans of the same age who gave the same answer. Those ambitions are also reflected in employment turnover, with Chinese and Indians now more likely to swap jobs than other nationalities, according to anecdotes from human-resources directors. “What the millennials are saying is ‘we want a big sense of responsibility and we want ownership in what we do, we want the recognition’,” said Kit Foong, a Singapore-based director at Universum, which helps companies brand themselves to prospective employees.