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S. Arabia, India Negotiate Labor Agreement

S. Arabia, India Negotiate   Labor AgreementS. Arabia, India Negotiate   Labor Agreement

A comprehensive agreement to recruit Indian laborers to work in Saudi Arabia is currently in the making between the governments of both countries, an official revealed Wednesday.

The agreement tackles the recruitment of Indian workers for all types of labor and will not be limited to domestic laborers, said an Indian embassy official in Riyadh, AMEinfo reported.

The Saudi side has yet to deliver its vision over the agreement, which is currently being negotiated between the two sides, the official said.

However, the official, who preferred anonymity, told Al-Eqtisadiah that his country will not guarantee to supply Saudi Arabia’s needs of domestic helpers since it doesn’t encourage its nationals to work abroad in the first place.

The official denied rumors, released by recruitment companies, that the Indian government has refused to send female domestic helpers to Saudi Arabia.

“India doesn’t stand against any of its citizens who want to work in Saudi Arabia, but it doesn’t promote work abroad and doesn’t guarantee to provide adequate domestic laborers for the Saudi market,” the official explained.

Furthermore, the official dismissed reports that his country stopped sending workers to Saudi Arabia, describing them as unfounded.