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Europe Banking Sector Healing

Europe Banking Sector HealingEurope Banking Sector Healing

Enterprises are finding it easier to secure a loan in countries that use the euro, a further sign that Europe’s beleaguered financial sector is on the mend, according to a survey from the European Central Bank. The ECB said its bank lending survey for the second quarter of 2015 had also revealed that households were finding it easier to gain access to credit to purchase a home, DW reported. The development was widely cheered because weak credit activity has often been cited as a central reason why eurozone economies were not quicker to recover from the global financial crisis. The ECB has also complained that its loose monetary policy, which has seen the central bank pump €60 billion ($66.2 billion) into the economies of the 19 countries that share the common currency and lower interest rates to all-time lows, has not trickled down into the real economy because banks were not passing that money along in the form of loans.