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Abu Dhabi FDI Grows 14%

Abu Dhabi FDI Grows 14%Abu Dhabi FDI Grows 14%

In an effort to provide foreign direct investment indicators at an early point in the year, Statistics Center, Abu Dhabi, released Sunday its estimates of FDI stock in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi for the year 2014, WAM reported. According to the report, the total FDI stock grew by 14.1% from AED 71,931million ($19.6 million) in 2013 to AED 82,083 million in 2014. A breakdown of this growth reveals varying increases in the shares of several activities, led by the ‘Financial institutions and insurance’ activity, which advanced 33% from AED 10,137 million or 14.1% of total FDI stock in 2013 to AED 13,486 million or 16.4% of total FDI stock in 2014. The real estate and business services activity increased to AED 24,895 million or 30.3% of total FDI stock in 2014, up from AED 23,599 million or 32.8% of total FDI stock in 2013. Manufacturing accounted for 17.3% of total FDI stock in 2014, attracting investments worth AED 14,210 million, up 8.9% from AED 13,043 million or 18.1% of total FDI stock in 2013.