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Global FDI Down 16%

Global FDI  Down 16% Global FDI  Down 16%

Global foreign direct investment declined in 2014. That’s according to the latest edition of the World Investment Report, CCTV reported. The report published by the UN Conference on Trade and Development says global FDI fell 16% to $1.23 trillion last year. The report says the drop was mostly because of the fragility of the global economy, policy uncertainties and elevated geopolitical risks. FDI inflows to developed countries declined 28% to $499 billion while flows to developing economies increased 2% to $681 billion. In 2014, FDI to the Philippines surged to an all-time high of $6.2 billion, according to the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP). That figure amounts to a 65.9% growth from 2013. The country outpaced Southeast Asia’s 5% expansion, and East Asia’s 10%. Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam outpaced Philippine FDI by sizable margins. At $67.5 billion, Singapore’s FDI alone is more than ten times that of the Philippines. Indonesia’s $22.6 billion FDI is more than triple that of the country, while Thailand’s $12.6 billion is double that of Philippines.