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ITC a Valued Trade Partner

ITC a Valued Trade PartnerITC a Valued Trade Partner

In a speech to the International Trade Center joint advisory group Friday, Director-General Roberto Azevedo said that the WTO shares with the ITC—and the UN Conference on Trade and Development—“the responsibility to ensure that trade continues to play its full role in the development agenda, and in continuing to improve the lives of people around the world, in a very concrete and practical manner”, reported.  Since its creation, the ITC has been a very valued partner of the multilateral trading system. “And this year I think we are seeing the whole trade and development community come together to underline precisely the role that trade can play in delivering for developing and the least developed countries. Over the last 25 years, an astounding one billion people have been lifted out of poverty around the world. And I have no doubt that trade has played a huge role in this success. And it must play its full role in cutting poverty even further,” he said.