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Airbus Beats Boeing in Sales Battle

Airbus Beats Boeing in Sales BattleAirbus Beats Boeing in Sales Battle

The European plane maker says it has taken 421 orders worth 50-billion euros at the Paris Air Show. A last minute deal for 110 A321 with Hungary’s Wizz Air gave it reason to celebrate.

Even if none are for its super jumbo A380, Airbus insists bigger planes are the future with more and more people expected to take to the skies,Euronews reported.

John Leahy is Airbus’ chief operating officer: “How are we going to double the amount of traffic in 15 years if all we can do is double the number of aircraft? You can’t do that. We need larger aircraft. It just so happens the A380 is a larger aircraft that people prefer to fly in. It’s quieter, smoother, with bigger seats, burns less fuel per passenger for each one of its trips and has less impact on the environment.”

Crucially for Airbus in the battle for bragging rights it has beaten its rival Boeing for sales at Le Bourget.

But the US firm has arguably won the best media coverage this week, largely thanks to footage of the near vertical take-off of its 787 Dreamliner.

In total, Boeing took 331 orders worth some 43-billion euros.