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Bulgaria Seeks Investments

Bulgaria Seeks InvestmentsBulgaria Seeks Investments

“Statistical figures show that the Danube region of Bulgaria is one of the most lagged behind in economic aspect in the EU,” Bulgarian Minister of Economy Bozhidar Lukarksi said speaking at the meeting of the countries in the Danube region themed “Sustainable tourism through cooperation with European funds and investments”, FOCUS News Agency reported. “At the same time, the natural and cultural features of the region, as well as the strategic geographic location, provide opportunities for development of tourism and other business initiatives,” the minister remarked. In his words, the encouragement of the economic activity for overcoming the regional disproportions in the development is a priority for the current Bulgarian government. Lukarski remarked that there was a need of cooperation that would encourage the work of the separate parts of the Danube region, as well as the positioning of the region as an integrated tourist product. “The Roman Emperors Route is such an initiative. It includes Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania and Croatia.