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German Exports, Industry Output Surge

German Exports, Industry Output SurgeGerman Exports, Industry Output Surge

German exports in April rose more sharply than expected while industrial output also posted a strong rise, signaling a good start for the Eurozone’s largest economy at the start of the second quarter.

German merchandise exports to the value of €100.4 billion ($111.7 billion) and imported goods to the value of €78.3b in April 2015. Destatis, the federal statistics office, reported Monday that that German exports increased by 7.5% and imports by 2.8% in April 2015 year on year. Exports and imports showed diverging month-on-month trends on a calendar and seasonally adjusted basis. While exports rose by 1.9% on March 2015, imports were down 1.3%, FinFacts reported.

Destatis also reported Monday that in April 2015, industrial production was up by 0.9% from the previous month on a price, seasonally and working day adjusted basis.

In March 2015, revised data show a decrease of 0.4% (primary –0.5%) from February 2015. In April 2015, production in industry excluding energy and construction was up by 0.7%.

Within industry, the production of capital goods increased by 1.5% and the production of intermediate goods by 0.7%. An decrease of production was recorded for consumer goods (0.9%). Energy production was up by 1.4% in April 2015, while the production in construction increased by 1.3%.