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Robots Rising in India Factories

Robots Rising in India FactoriesRobots Rising in India Factories

Over 400 robots work in Hyundai’s Sriperumbudur factory. The largest car exporter from India has invested Rs 6 billion ($93.5 million) since 2010 in its plant, Rediff reported. Some tasks like welding and painting are fully automated but Hyundai says automation is lower in others, like 10% in the assembly shop. Having a few hundred robots in a car factory is not uncommon. Ford’s newly inaugurated Sanand plant in Gujarat has 437 robots. The level of plant automation is 30% but it is 95% in the body shop. The Tata Motors plant in Sanand making the Nano, touted as the world’s cheapest car, uses close to 100 robots. Maruti Suzuki, has more than 1,000 robots.