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Dubai to Monitor Noise Polluting Firms

Dubai to Monitor Noise Polluting FirmsDubai to Monitor Noise Polluting Firms

Dubai Municipality will begin monitoring noise levels across the emirate from next month, and take action against companies exceeding the permissible levels of noise.

In a media statement, Dubai Municipality Director-General Hussain Nasser Lootah said the local authority will firstly monitor the levels during next month, focusing on areas where construction is taking place.

“The first phase includes a comprehensive survey of these levels in the emirate by using high-quality techniques, where the data of sound frequencies are collected and linked with the planning and construction maps of Dubai.

“This data will be analyzed later in order to identify areas experiencing high levels of noise pollution,” said Lootah.

“After that, Dubai Municipality will take all legal measures against enterprises and institutions that exceed the noise levels emitted from their activities, in accordance with the Ministerial Decree No. 12 of 2006 on the protection of air pollution,” he added.

Lootah said noise pollution posed serious health implications for those affected.

“When asked about the types of pollution, we all count everything except noise pollution, which leaves a deep impact on human health,” he said.

“Global studies have shown that noise is considered the most dangerous type of environmental pollution on public health, and has a negative effect on the audio, neurological and digestive tract of the human body. It increases the likelihood of stress and fatigue, with excessive exposure to auditory stimuli that exceed intensity limits approved globally.”