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Prohibition in Shanghai

Prohibition  in ShanghaiProhibition  in Shanghai

Shanghai officials have imposed a ban on close relatives of government officials from running private businesses. The new regulations are aimed at curbing nepotism and corruption in one of China’s major economic centers. The move is a pilot measure which will eventually be implemented countywide, according to Chinese officials, NewsNow reported. China’s president, Xi Jinping, launched an anti-corruption drive after coming to power two years ago, and the Shanghai government’s decision to prohibit the officials’ spouses, children, or children’s spouses from business activities is believed to be part of the presidential anti-graft campaign. In March, Xi approved the new rules during the annual session of parliament, “requiring that Shanghai run the pilot and lead from the front,” state media reported on Monday. The ban applies to the families of senior officials working at city departments, district and county governments, and judiciary, according to a notice posted on the Shanghai government’s website. Chinese laws already prohibit government employees from running private businesses.